You know that trend, right?  The one that comes back around just in time to remind you that everything comes back around.  Well, wallpaper is back, and in a huge way.  There are times I think I could paper every wall in my house.  Pattern, texture, put it all on the walls.

I loved this shot in a recent West Elm catalog, so I did some research and found the source!


If you love it too, click the image and it will take you to West Elm’s blog with the details!

I am kicking around an idea of papering the upper portion of our powder bath with the above herringbone paper, and trimming out the bottom like this:


And maybe I need a doggy to wait on me to come home by the door like this.  And maybe I need that crazy beautiful bench somewhere in my life.

More paper love!

61291244899062487_Ret9F0GW_b 81909286942937158_bqNXrXN4_b 100908847870914490_vbUdeCAE_b 123778689728706175_u9UISX5E_b 165436986282928918_XBQEPr4L_b 273945589803875581_C16TdpxG_b

We are in Charleston, where I am tongue-wagging around town at all the pretty sights.  History!  Antiques!  Cobblestone streets!  Ok I’ll stop now.  If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, I’m sorry.  But hopefully the pretty paper made you a smidgen happier!

* images via Pinterest (except 1, which is West Elm as I pointed out already)

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