Home Tour: The Kitchen

I love Fridays, and I love actually seeing these shots up next to each other to see just how much work we’ve done in our kitchen!  Today is a progressive home tour in pictures.  Joseph and I closed on our first house on April 30, 2010, which was a Friday.  We went straight to our new house with our new keys and started disassembling and sanding the cabinets that day.  Because they looked like this:

kitchen before

After many hours of sanding and painting, we were able to add hardware too.  Which is a project that Joseph and I tackled ourselves, and we really had fun together!  Once our granite went in, we were really happy with our hard work!

kitchen after-1

We waited about two years and decided we were ready to tackle our very first backsplash.  I knew changing out this stone backsplash for white subway tile would really lighten up the space!

It all started with this little hole.


So then there was no turning back.


We covered everything in plastic to keep the dust flying throughout the house to a minimum.


Old tile is gone!  Hey studs.


We learned many many things about backer board.  There might’ve been a few oops moments.  Might have.


I spent a substantial amount of time cleaning, which was in the end, futile.


The backer board was cut in perfectly by my talented husband.  My part in that wasn’t so accurate.


And we placed our first tiles ever!  For a while we though we might never tile again.  But we probably will.


I loved it immediately.


Progress!  And my Sandpiper paint, see!


I measured and cut the tile to trim out the window frame myself, which was really fun.  I love power tools.  A lot.


These were the very last tiles in the whole job.


Relief!  At this point only the grout was left.


So much brighter already!


When we did the final clean up, it was an incredible feeling.


Over the past three years, we have been to Home Depot no less than 500 times.  Our kitchen happens in phases, which I think is pretty normal.  I am more than blessed with a man that is good with his hands.  Yeah.  So we have more first-time-for-everything projects coming up which will have us chanting “DIY! DIY! DIY!” Because maybe we’re a little nerdy.  But we love to learn to do new things together, and we love the camaraderie that comes with staying up way too late and trying not to wake our little angel.  Next we are planning to trim out our island and repaint it a contrasting color.  I’m thinking grey, no?  I’ll follow up next week on Friday’s home tour with the eat-in kitchen area, a great story about my chairs, and some details in my kitchen that just make me really happy.

Happy weekend to you!  I hope something fun happens in your life!

Next week will be short and sweet as I will be meandering and wandering my favorite city here in the states: Charleston, SC.  Not a bad way to celebrate the happiest three years of my life.  I love that man who made me a wife.   

And hey, if you’re interested in sources, paint colors, or are wondering, “wait, how did you do pull that off” when encountering any of our projects, leave me a quick comment and I’ll make sure your questions get answered!


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