The Salvaged Sanity

Sanity.  We talk a lot about retaining it, regaining it, losing it, maintaining it.  It’s a big deal, sanity.  We also talk a lot about life being crazy, and fast, and out of control, and we lament about everything that causes us to lose said sanity.  I believe for our generation that one of our biggest struggles, if not the biggest, is salvaging our sanity specifically when it comes to our careers.  So many of us fight to retain some semblance of ourselves at the end of the day that all we can do is collapse and regurgitate all the insanity from our day.  I saw some post about sharing our joys instead of our disappointments and it really rang true for me.  So here’s to the salvaged joy and sanity we can find when we really dig deep for it.  And I bow to one of the best.  Nailed it.


*via Pinterest


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